Revolutionizing Nutrition Care with Advanced AI

Unlock the full potential of your care with Zenday's AI work assistant. This advanced tool provides actionable insights, automates routine tasks and creates personalizes dietary recommendations. Allowing to meet with up to 4 more patients a day.
Patient Evaluation

Stay informed, Stay in Control

Evaluating health can be complex and time-consuming. Zenday transforms this process by condensing patient data into a concise paragraph, highlighting key metrics, risk factors, and changes between meetings. A proven way to save time and better prepare for a meeting.

Meeting Summary

Focus on what is important

Scribble your meeting notes and focus on guiding your clients to success. Let Zenday do the tedious work and create a personalized meeting summary based on your notes and the patient health conditions. Save up to 10 minutes every meeting.

Effortless Meal Plans

Empower Healthy Eating for your clients

Whether you're tracking specific diets, managing food preferences, or navigating through medical conditions, Zenday is your ultimate AI work assistant. Simply jot your dietary recommendations push a button, and receive a custom, weekly meal plan that aligns perfectly with your patient's unique preferences and health requirements.

Healthy diet
Boost adherence
Introducing Zenline

Boost Patient Adherence and Simplify the Path to Wellness

Ensuring patients stick to their wellness plans just got easier. Zenline transforms complex meal plans and health tasks into a straightforward, automated schedule. Your recommendations, directly converted into an easy-to-follow daily schedule. A personalized routine that fits seamlessly into your patients' lives.


Answer questions with ease

Patients ask you similar questions over and over again ? With the Zenday assistant, you can draft personalized answers for patients questions in seconds and save many so much time!


We've got all the features you need

Who benefits from using Zenday

What clinicians say about Zenday

The Zenday AI solution is the ultimate assistant that in my mind is poised to launch and lead a revolution in the health coaching industry. It will most definitely improve the quality of treatment, patient satisfaction and coaches business results.
Anne Iarchi
experienced UK Health Coach, with 12 years of experience as a nutritionist and healthy life trainer and renowned weight loss expert
Zenday is disrupting the medical charting landscape for Dietitian/Nutritionists bringing far greater efficiency in greatly reduced documentation time, personalized meeting summaries, communication and support between visits, and the ability to spend more of the counseling session with their patients.
Andrea Diamond
Over 35 years as a nutrition consultant, currently managing a clinic with over 25 nutritionists in the US
Zenday is helping me respond faster to patients using an AI-based chat and an interface for patients that enables me to enrich my patient experience and enable me grow my clinic by supporting more clients in less time.
Leora Martin
Experienced global nutritionist in hospitals and private settings

Unlock the Power of Zenday Now

Transform your workflow and reclaim your time today. Explore the future of health and nutrition care. Experience Zenday's full capabilities without commitment with our 30-day free trial.

Frequently Asked Questions

The goal of AI, especially in the context of Zenday, is to augment and enhance your capabilities as a healthcare professional. It’s designed to take over routine tasks and analyses, giving you more time to focus on what truly matters: personalized client care and decision-making that requires human insight and empathy.

Yes, Zenday is a game-changer for patient meetings. By generating personalized meeting summaries based on both your notes and patient health conditions, you could save up to 10 minutes per meeting. This allows you to dedicate more time to guiding your clients towards their health goals effectively.

To ensure that Zenday is the right fit for your practice, we offer a 30-day free trial. During this period, you can explore the full capabilities of Zenday, experience how it can transform your workflow, and decide how it can best serve you and your patients’ needs without any financial commitment.

To incorporate your personalized questionnaire into Zenday, simply organized it in the structure you prefer and email us the questions you wish to include. Then we will integrate them into your system, ensuring Zenday aligns even more closely with your practice’s unique requirements.

Yes, training a personalized AI model for your clinic is possible. Just reach out to us via email to set up a meeting. We’ll discuss your specific needs and evaluate if you meet the criteria for this personalized service. Our goal is to ensure that Zenday fits seamlessly into your clinic’s workflow, offering tailored solutions that truly make a difference.

Zenday supports both English and Hebrew. Looking ahead, we are committed to expanding our language support even further to ensure that Zenday can serve as many users as possible, regardless of their preferred language.

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